Metra On-Time Performance by Station

April 2016

May 20, 2016 | By Michael Schmitt

Metra announced an on-time performance rate of 97.4% in April 2016, "its 14th straight month of meeting or exceeding its on-time performance goal" of 95%.

A key part of understanding this announcement is understanding how Metra - and the larger rail industry - measures on-time performance.

"Like other commuter railroads, Metra considers a train to have operated on time if it reaches its final destination within five minutes and 59 seconds of its scheduled arrival."

In another blog post, I examined a few ways this definition leads to a better score than some riders might expect. But one aspect I didn't explore was "final destination." If trains arriving at final destinations - Union, Ogilvie, Aurora, Big Timber, and so on - were on-time 97.4% of the time in April, what was the on-time performance for trains at other stations?

For the answer, check out the charts below. Select your line and see on-time performance for each station (meaning, percentage of trains that arrived at the station less than 6 minutes late). Some lines have an interesting performance pattern.

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